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Conditioning Booster 

This has been used for first degree burn patient to wrap up their treatment, elevating the facial condition for the last time. 
It has a exceptional skin regenerating effect. Using low irritable cleanser and lotion, It helps recovering skin condition, for every skin type including troubling and sensitive skin type.

It has immediate moisturising and calming effect which leads to a smooth and bright skin. 

"Volufine" the central nutrient will fill the skin with elasticity and volume, And "Resmeline" removes the active O2 which causes the ageing of the skin and lowers the temperature of the skin. It also removes the germs and Acnes right away.


No downtime

Grow Your Vision

Recommend to customers below

Point 1

Large pores, with excessive sebum.

Point 2

Point 3

탄력이 떨어지고 피부 안색이 칙칙한 분들 

​한번의 관리로 즉각적인 피부 컨디션 회복을 원하시는분

Procedure process

Step 1

Step 2

1:1 consultation


Step 3

Step 4

Lotion Polishing 

or Gel Polishing

Gel Starter

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

Step 8

Cemensheet Mask


Ultrasound scrubber

Cemenphalt Mask

Step 9

Step 6

Step 7

Step 8

Neck & Shoulder

Lymph Massage

 Gel Starter


Calcium & Hyaluronic Booster Ampoule

Filloti Cream

Cemenzal Cream  

Grow Your Vision

Effectiveness and recommended period

Steady maintenance is required every once in two weeks

Grow Your Vision

Procedure questions 

​세멘시트/세멘팔트가 무엇인가요?

피부컨디션 회복에 최적화된 제품으로 만든 마스크 팩 종류입니다. 단 1회만으로 최상의 피부 컨디션으로 만들어줍니다.

어떤 효과를 기대할수있나요?

유수분 밸런스를 맞춰주고, 과도한 피지분비량으로 생기는 문제성 피부를 개선해줍니다.

즉각적인 피부 수렴효과와 미백효과까지 개선가능합니다.

​어떤 피부에 적합한가요?

​모든 피부 타입에 가능하고, 문제성 피부가 아니더라고 건강한 피부 컨디션 유지를 위해 일반 피부에도 적합합니다.


Self-care has a big impact on the effect after the treatment.  

Please read the after care carefully  and follow them carefully.

Wash your face with cold or lukewarm water and use a mild cleanser

A moisturizer is recommended after the procedure

Makeup can be applied immediately after the procedure,

and sunscreen must be used when going out

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