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Glowy Radiance Care

고농도 히알루론산 10배의 보습효과와 콜라겐 6배가 들어있는

두가지의 제품을 섞어피부탄력을 강화시켜주는 근막테라피로

연스러운 퍼밍효과와 물광피부와 리프팅 효과를 만들어주는 관리입니다


No downtime

Grow Your Vision

Recommend to customers below

Point 1

Those who has bad make up due to a dry skin

Point 2

Point 3

Those who want soothing, moisturising

​피부에 탄력과 생기가 없으신분

Procedure process

Step 1

Step 2

1:1 consultation


Step 3

Step 4

Enzyme Deep Cleansing


Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

Step 8

Ultrasound Scrubber

Neck & Shoulder

Lymph Massage 

Rejuven Amino Fiber Mask

Facial Firming Therapy

Ultrasound Calming

Step 9

Step 10

Cooling Care

Pearl Ultra Velvet Mask

Grow Your Vision

Effectiveness and recommended period

Steady maintenance is required every once in two weeks

Grow Your Vision

Procedure questions 

Who is suitable for this Treatment?

​칙칙한 피부에 생기를 부여하고, 자연스러운 퍼밍효과로 리프팅 효과까지 얻을수있습니다.

얼마나 자주 받으면 좋나요?

​꾸준한 효과를 위해 2주에 한번씩 권유드립니다


Self-care has a big impact on the effect after the treatment.  

Please read the after care carefully  and follow them carefully.

Wash your face with cold or lukewarm water and use a mild cleanser

A moisturiser is recommended after the procedure

Makeup can be applied immediately after the procedure,

and sunscreen must be used when going out

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