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Premium HIFU

3000 shots

High-intensity ultrasound transfers heat to a certain depth of the skin to shrink

the stretched collagen layer and lift the skin and makes skin more elastic


No downtime

3 Month

Grow Your Vision

Recommend to customers below

Point 1

Those who are worried about overall loss of elasticity

and skin sagging

Point 2

Point 3

Those who want a strong lifting effect

Those who want long-lasting effects with one treatment

Procedure process

Step 1

Step 2

1:1 consultation


Step 3

Step 4

Enzyme Deep Cleansing


Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

HIFU 3000shots

Ultrasound Calming

Rubber Mask 

Grow Your Vision

Effectiveness and recommended period

HIFU gradually maximizes the lifting effect over 1 to 2 weeks after the procedure,

and it is usually recommended to perform the procedure every 2 months to 3 months.

Grow Your Vision

Procedure questions 


As much as treatment,  self-care has a big impact on the effect.  

Please read the precautions carefully  and follow them carefully.

It is recommended to wash your face with lukewarm water for 3 days after treatment so that the ultrasonic heat inside the skin can be effectively maintained

It is recommended to avoid sauna, drinking, peeling, and scrub products for about one week after treatment.

After treatment, depending on individual differences, the skin may temporarily throb for a few days

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